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Transition to a Lacto-Vegetarian Diet

Raw Fruits, Vegetables and Raw Cultured Milk

(Yogurt, Cheese)



       A raw lacto-vegetarian diet is the best insurance against a virus because not only external cleanliness is needed like handwashing and other sanitation measures, but also internal bodily cleanliness is very important because a virus thrives on accumulations of toxic, putrid waste matter as proven by Bechamp, Bernard and Metchnikoff.


    Elie Metchnikoff proved that white blood cells were fighting on the front lines against infection, whereas the accepted theory was that white blood cells provided an environment that aided the invading bacteria. His discovery shattered traditional conventions of medical science and won him the 1908 Nobel Prize for discovering the phagocytic white blood cell that consumes harmful microbes and toxic matter in the body.


    Metchnikoff drank a liquid containing millions of cholera bacteria and he didn’t get sick, then he gave it to a fellow scientist and he too did not get sick, but when he gave it to another person he became sick with cholera and nearly died. Metchnikoff wondered why, so he experimented and found that some probiotic or life supporting bacteria in the body are protective against harmful bacteria. Today because of Metchnikoff people all over the world consume probiotic bacteria in cultured yogurt which is helpful but better yet is using probiotic cultured, grass-fed milk that is not Pasteurized and only heated to around 100 degrees F. to make yogurt.

    The current conventional medical germ theory of Pasteur and Koch proposes that microorganisms are the specific cause of many ''infectious'' diseases.

    Claude Bernard, a contemporary of Pasteur, proposed that the health of the individual was determined by their internal physiological environment. “The terrain is everything,” Bernard wrote, “the germ is nothing.”

    The brilliant French scientist Antoine Bechamp discovered that there were living organisms in our bodies called microzymas, which essentially form into healthy cells in the healthy body and morph into unhealthy cells when the terrain is less than ideal. Viruses and harmful bacteria, he found, are “formed” (pleomorphism) within us in adaptation to a toxic, unclean bodily environment.    


"Lacto Vegetarianism is, when the diet is properly planned, the most highly satisfactory plan which can be adopted in the nutrition of man." - E. V. McCollum, the co-discoverer of Vitamin A, B and D. The Newer Knowledge of Nutrition. Macmillan Company. 1918, p. 52.







Vegetables, cooked and raw, alkalize and mineralize the body.


The transition - detoxification process needs plenty of mineralizing, alkalizing, fiber rich vegetables which help slow down the elimination - detoxification process by absorbing toxic waste and moving it out of the body.





Transition to

Health !

Stay in contact with nature.

Visit parks and natural areas often if you live in a city.  Fill your house with plants and use an air purifier. Live in the suburbs, in the country or near forests if possible. Plant a small garden to stay in contact with the soil.


The word "HEALTH" comes from the Old English word hale which means WHOLE.


To be healthy is to be whole and full of Life.


HEALTH is physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual WHOLENESS.


"Holiness" or "Whollyness" is really Health in body, mind and Spirit.



This is your invitation to begin a transition, a journey, to a healthier, happier more fulfilling lifestyle.


Get started today, by taking the plunge, the first step, with a leap of faith by reading and applying the lessons in The Transition Diet.

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